Nov 18 2009

"We understand that having relations is inescapable, but we will face
obstacles when the Armenian and the Turkish start having relation with
each other as their perception about us, and our perception about us
and them is totally different and there are a lot of distorted facts,
our perceptions totally differ and many facts are created, a lot of
things have become a hostage to politics", - Aharon Adibekyan the
director of the "Sociometer" sociological center thinks.

A. Adibekyan informed that the historical realities, the cultural
heritage and the identification are distorted which will serve
the reason for conflicts between the two nations. As an example the
sociologist informed that in the Azerbaijani sites is said that "even
Iran is an Azerbaijani country and the Azeri get surprised what the
Persians do there", besides whatever is found in Armenia and Iran
are called Azerbaijani heritage.

"The Turkish call themselves premium nation in the Modern Asia, they
think they have 5 thousand years old history, they are originally
from Asia and all the nations now living in the present territory of
Turkey have been their successors", - A. Adibekyan said and added, -
"If we leave for Turkey tomorrow, we see our breeds there, our cuisine,
our songs and dances, architecture and say that all these is ours,
the Turkish will answer that it is theirs as they have been convinced
for many years that it is Turkish."

On this occasion the sociologist mentioned that the real problems
are not in political, economic, diplomatic relations which can be
solved but the humane relations. "How are we going to solve the humane
factor", - asked Aharon Adibekyan summing up his speech.