Nov 24 2009

Azerbaijan will hold its ground on Karabakh issue right to the end and
there is no point in exerting pressure on official Baku in any format,"
Chief of international relations department of Azerbaijani Presidential
Administration Novruz Mammadov stated at the international conference
"Security obstacles in the South Caucasus: Realities and Prospects for
Regional Cooperation" organized by the Center for Strategic Studies
under Azerbaijani President.

According to Azadlig, Azerbaijan does not get any assistance from U.S.,
quite the contrary, "continuously faces criticism by West for human
rights and other issues," Mammadov said. Speaking of the Armenia-Turkey
Protocols on the normalization of bilateral relations, he noted that
"western diplomats often say they are short of time and opportunity to
discuss various issues, however all of a sudden they got together in
Zurich for border opening and the Protocols were signed at top level."

Referring to verdict against two Azerbaijani bloggers, Mammadov
underlined: "Western, and U.S. press in particularly display greater
interest in the matter, that in NKR issue. "The official actually
esteemed it as a pressure on Azerbaijan, the source reports. Mammadov
called western diplomats to simmer down in the issues connected with
Azerbaijan. According to him, "Azerbaijan can play a mediator's role
between the East and West, Islamic and Christian worlds." In addition,
the official emphasized that "as a result of BBC poll conducted
in Arabian states, 8 out of 10 respondents express hatred towards
the U.S. and this country should take a though over the matters,"
Mammadov concluded.