Nov 1 2010

The Azeri teenager Mamed, who murdered the Armenian school student
Eduard Markaryan in one of the Moscow schools, has not been arrested,
Eduard's mother, Anna, told

Criminal proceedings have been initiated, but no charge has so far
been brought against Mamed. The Investigation is waiting for the
forensic medical examination results.

"According to the previous results, Edik was ill and died of fright
- as if he was attacked by a dog. When everything is paid for, we
get such results. But it was a fight, he was beaten up and died from
blows," the killed student's mother said. She demanded that her
son's body be sent to the city expert center for a new examination,
as the previous examination results proved dubious. "Now we are
waiting for the examination results, which are likely to be ready
on November 20. Further investigation depends on them - whether
the murderer will be charged or the case will be dismissed. I
will struggle to the end. If the results of the city-level expert
examination coincide with the ones of the previous one, I am going
to demand a federal level examination," the woman said.

Edik Markaryan was killed during a fight with the Azeri ninth-former
Mamed in School #501. Witnesses testified that Mamed, who is a
wrestler, was striking Eduard so as to kill him at once. He ordered
his friends to video record the fight with a mobile. The video is at
at the investigative body's disposal.

From: A. Papazian