Nov 2 2010

Another possible "smart" step by the Turkish authorities, which are
trying to simulate an intensified Armenian-Turkish dialogue before
the international community is delegating members of the youth wings
of the ruling Justice and Development Party, the opposition Republican
People's Party (CHP) and the Kurdish party Peace and Democracy Party,
the expert in Turkic studies Andranik Ispiryan told NEWS.am.

According to him, in sending the leader of the Strong Turkey Party
tuna Beklevic to Armenia pursued the same aim, namely, convincing
the international community that Armenia and Turkey had established
a dialogue - even if not at the highest level, but... However, the
expert stressed that Ankara failed to achieve its aim - making a stir
about Beklevic's visit throughout the world - as the Turkish political
figure's mission in Armenia partially failed. He was unable to "have
an audience" at the Armenian foreign office, which would give greater
weight to his "business trip." Ispiryan stressed that Turkey will
not take more serious steps to revitalize its dialogue with Armenia,
as, on the threshold of parliamentary elections, the authorities will
not dare take such a risk.

The expert also pointed out that the Strong Turkey Party does not
have any serious political weight. It does not plan to take part
in the parliamentary elections. It only plans to run for local
government bodies.

From: A. Papazian