Anna Balyan

02.11.2010 14:09

Radical changes are needed in the position of the Azerbaijani society:
any empire has come to understand at some point of history that the
units under its occupation gain independence sooner or later. This
is the road passed by progressive Europe, and Azerbaijan has no
alternative, either, military psychologist David Jamalyan told a
press conference today.

According to Jamalyan, with the collapse of the Soviet Union Azerbaijan
turned into a separate empire, the collapse of which is inevitable,
either, sine the national minorities of that empire have maintained
their national identity.

Azerbaijan has to accept the truth that Karabakh cannot be kept
forcefully, he said.

"Azerbaijan should accept the fact that their aggressive aspiration
can no more become real, that their country is not the same as Soviet
Azerbaijan, that it is at least 12 thousand sq. km. smaller. Besides,
Artsakh could have been larger if not the ethnic cleansings in Northern
Artsakh and if part of it was not occupied by Azerbaijan," he said.

From: A. Papazian