Noyan Tapan
03.11.2010 | 17:03

CARD in cooperation with UMCOR is implementing Sustainable Cooperative
Extension and Agricultural Development program (SCEAD). Within the
scope of the program 21 agricultural cooperatives received and continue
to receive financial and technical assistance for the improvement of
agricultural farming technologies and practices, as well as for the
introduction of new seed varieties and planting techniques.

Owners of small plots, orchards and greenhouses face the problem of
utilizing machinery for cultivation, furrowing and harvesting hay. The
existing machinery in Armenia is outdated and not suitable for small
scale farming.

The small scale hay mowing machinery imported more than 20 years ago
from the former Czechoslovakia is currently very old, has limited
capacity to serve effectively, and there is a limited supply of spare
parts and service support. Because of this situation hand work is
still common in rural Armenia when farmers cultivate small plots.

Under the SCEAD program CARD has imported different small machinery
for demonstration use in cooperatives. Small scale, 5-7hp mobile
motor-cultivator devices conduct mowing, cultivation and chemical
application operations. The equipment will decrease the mowing and
spraying costs and increase efficiency of production.

Within the framework of the SCEAD program handing over of high
quality vineyard management equipment, 30 hay mowers/cultivators and
50 sprayers to 21 beneficiary cooperatives in 15 villages throughout
Ararat, Armavir and Vayots Dzor marzes will be organized.

The event will also serve for disseminating the information amongst
other farmers to increase their awareness in advanced machinery

We believe that the implemented SCEAD program will lay a solid
foundation for long-term, sustainable farming practices, strengthen
agriculture cooperatives, maximize agriculture output and increase
farm income.

The initiative is implemented through USDA monetization fund generated
through UMCOR project.

v. Dashtavan, Ararat marz 03 November 2010

From: A. Papazian