Nov 9 2010

Abdullah Gul of Turkey who departed for London to get "Chatham House"
award delivered a speech at center of Islamic studies in Oxford
University, Turkish "Sabah" writes. The topic focused "Islamic
world, democracy and development" followed by President answering
to the questions of scientists and students. To the question when
Armenian-Turkish border would be opened and ties between the two
states normalized, President Gul answered Ankara poured much efforts.

"Regional frozen conflicts should not be abandoned since they may
become chronicle. Otherwise they may blast so suddenly," Gul said
reminding of Georgia's experience. Turkish President underscored that
today's situation of Caucasus region is beneficial for neither party,
since those conflicts should be set through dialogue. Gul stated
Ankara can't close eyes upon Karabakh "occupation."

"We must cooperate over peace in Caucasus. And we do that."

Panorama.am recalls that Turkey has traditionally rejected the mass
killings of 1,5 million Armenians carried out early in the 20th century
and took the criticism of the West painfully. The Armenian Genocide
has been recognized by lots of states. It was first recognized
by Uruguay in 1965. Later Russia, France, Italy, the Netherlands,
Germany, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland,
Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon, Canada, Venezuela, Argentina and the US 42
states did the same. The Armenian Genocide has been recognized also
by Vatican, the Council of Europe, the World Council of Churches.

From: A. Papazian