NOVEMBER 23, 2010

Fires are going on to break out in wood areas and fields of Lori
province because of burning of grass cover. Head of the Rescue Service
of the province Hrach Antonyan told Armenpress that 18 fires have
burnt within the last 10 days. The cases have been mainly registered
in Gugark, Tashir, and in the neighboring territories of Vanadzor.

Mr. Antonyan said that the rescue service of Lori province, the fire
brigade and forest economy sometimes do not have an opportunity to
extinguish fires in almost impassable territories, in such cases just
a duty is defined in order to take control over the spread of the
fire. Residents fire the dry grass cover with confidence that next
year it will be more luxuriant in the same area, but as a result of
fires, according to specialists, land becomes subject to erosion,
and trees suffer.

From: A. Papazian