Turkish Court Calls for Merger in Dink Murder Trial

[ 2010/11/26 | 13:23 ]
The Second Magistrate Criminal Court in Trabzon has called for merging
the trial of Colonel Ali Oz, one of the key figures in the Hrant Dink
murder case, with that of seven gendarmerie officers also implicated.
The officers are being tried in the First High Criminal Court of

Oz is currently being tried for disregarding crucial information
leading up to the murder of Hrant Dink. If the High Criminal Court
accepts the merger request, Oz will be tried by it only.
The hearings for both the new trial at the High Criminal Court and
that of the Magistrate Court are scheduled for December 9.

Oz and the seven officers have been charges with `misconduct in office
by negligence of duty'.

Lawyers for the Dink family have demanded that Oz and the officers be
prosecuted for `voluntary manslaughter as a result of negligence'.

From: A. Papazian