Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

The Armenian version of Family of Shadows

NEW YORK-The publishing house HarperCollins has announced the
paperback release of Garin K. Hovannisian's Family of Shadows:
A Century of Murder, Memory, and the Armenian American Dream, the
dramatic history of the Hovannisian family: Kaspar-the survivor of
genocide and soldier of General Antranig; Richard-the historian and
pioneer of Armenian Studies; and Raffi-the repatriate citizen and
first foreign minister of independent Armenia.

The new edition is available on Amazon and at bookstores nationwide.

The book, which has accompanied its author on a year-long tour across
the United States and Canada, has received strong critical praise.

"Hovannisian brings a historian's rigor, a poet's lyricism, and a
native son's passion to this remarkable book," wrote Samuel G.

Freedman, columnist for the New York Times. David Ignatius of the
Washington Post called it "one of modern history's great unexamined
stories." For more information, visit

Family of Shadows has also been translated into the Armenian language
by Samvel Lazarian-the editor and translator most recently of James
Joyce's Ulysses. The translation, titled Gerdastan Stverats, was
unveiled on September 6, 2011, at the Yeghishe Charents House Museum
in Yerevan. "It draws you from page to page with a magnetic force,"
remarked Levon Ananyan, president of the Writers' Union of Armenia,
on the occasion of the release.

Three generations of Hovannisians: Garin, Raffi and Richard (photo
by Ara Oshagan)

The Armenian edition is now available at major bookstores in Yerevan
and at Abril, Berj, and Sardarabad bookstores based in Los Angeles.

All proceeds will be donated to Orran, a non-profit benevolent
organization founded by Raffi and Armine Hovannisian, which supports
needy children and elderly in Armenia.