168 Zham newspaper
Oct 30 2012

[Translated from Armenian]

Commenting on US-Armenian partnership in military production, the
newspaper wrote in an editorial, "Armenia's cooperation with the
Americans is probably the only real answer to the Russian claims, as
well as to the recent official and semi-official remarks from Russia
on [Russia's role in ensuring] Armenia's security and "preserving
Armenian identity".

The newspaper said that the start of US-Armenian cooperation in
military production was announced after a meeting of the US Secretary
Mabus and Armenian Defence Minister Seyran Ohanyan, who described
that sphere of cooperation as a "new direction". The newspaper also
noted that "Mabus was on a visit to Armenia not in the framework of
a regional tour (as it is usually the case with the officials at such
a high level), so it was not a regular ceremonial visit".

The newspaper also quoted Defence Minister Seyran Ohanyan's words
on "the high level of US-Armenian relations in the defence sphere"
and their "dynamic development" against the background of "souring
Armenian-Russian relations".