A protest rally has been conducted today in front of Russian embassy
in Armenia in defense of two Armenian citizens claimed to be arrested
groundlessly and isolated for already seven months without any proofs.

The demonstrators were the relatives of the arrestees - Hamlet
Alexanyan and Edgar Martirosyan - from Lori and Aragatsotn provinces.

They were asking the ambassador to interfere into the process for
conduction of fair trial.

Speaking to reporters Edgar Martirosyan's mother said she is surprised
how it is possible to charge a person with robbery and rape without
any proves. Only during the face-to-face meeting the victims said the
detained people look like their attackers. "If my son is innocent why
he is arrested and if he is guilty why he is not officially tried,"
Silvard Manukyan said.

Initially four people were charged but as far as two of them were
Russian citizens they were set free and the other two charged with
attack and rape.

"They were caught with the testimonies of two Russian prostitutes
who were drunk. Initially they were charged with robbery and rape
but after the lawyer demanded medical expertise the rape charge was
withdrawn with robbery left," the aunt of one of the guys said.

One of the girls reported about 6 guys, and the other claimed they
were four. There are no facts.

Embassy officials received few demonstrators who expressed their

From: A. Papazian