Today's Zaman
Oct 31 2012

Eldar Sabiroglu, spokesman for the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan,
has stated that the Azerbaijani army has the capability and is strong
enough to hit strategic targets in Armenia in just minutes.

Speaking to the press on Wednesday, Sabiroglu said the radar system
of the Azerbaijani army has the ability to identify and destroy any
rockets launched into Azerbaijani territory, adding the army's rocket
system can destroy strategic targets in Armenia within a few minutes.

The ceasefire between Azerbaijan and Armenia was violated 1,178 times
over 10 months of 2012, said Sabiroglu, adding both sides sustained
casualties. The conflicts on the frontline are still ongoing, he
added saying over the last 10 months Azerbaijan's armed forces have
lost 12 soldiers while the Armenian army has lost 32.

Sabiroglu stated that the ceasefire was violated for the most part
near the Fuzuli, Terter and Agdam regions.

"The [Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe] OSCE Minsk
Group ended their inspections on the frontline without any incident.

However, whenever the observers leave the area the Armenians start
to violate the ceasefire. As soldiers, our first duty is to save our
land from occupation at the expense of a possible war," said Sabiroglu.

"But we are in a favor of resolving the problem through peace. In
case of a war, the stability and the security of the region will be
under threat. However, one should be sure that in a potential war,
the winner will be the Azerbaijani army."

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress