Law - Wednesday, 31 October 2012, 11:27

Recently, Varuzhan Hoktanyan, executive director of Transparency
International NGO, has said that the Armenian elite should not be place
themselves above law. But the question is if most corrupt spheres of
life still remain education and the judiciary or whether the picture
has changed.

According to V. Hoktanyan, the most corrupt spheres of life in the
CIS members remain the judicial system and education, unlike the
West. In the West most corruption is in the parties. New notions of
corruption have originated in the world, such as "elite corruption".

Studies in 2010-2011 have revealed that by "elite corruption" Armenia
is 129-133 among 180 countries. Hoktanyan says this is an issue but
not a tragedy.

Research shows "elite corruption" cases are revealed by the next
government. Elite corruption is based on systemic corruption in the
so-called hierarchic expression. Hoktanyan brings the example of the
former head of the state pension fund Vazgen Khachikyan.

According to him, the worst expressions of elite corruption are budget
misuse and kickbacks.

There are no certain data but elite corruption is supposed to be
formed around in 2005 when the businessmen intervene in the legislative
activities and adopted laws stemming from their business interests.

In the world, the post-Soviet countries are considered the most
corrupt ones in the region.

According to Hoktanyan there are two ways of eliminating corruption,
authoritarian and democratic. Armenia, if it follows the example of
Singapore which has fought down the level of elite corruption being an
authoritarian country, should punish all the high-ranking officials,
their friends and relatives engaged in corruption.