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On October 30 the RA NA President Hovik Abrahamyan being on an official
visit in the Czech Republic met with the President of the Senate of
the Czech Republic Milan *t~[ch.

Thanking for the invitation and warm reception Hovik Abrahamyan
congratulated the people of the Czech Republic and the members of
the Senate on the occasion of the National Holiday. He expressed
confidence that the cooperation based on the friendly relations
between the parliaments of the two countries would more strengthen and
develop. "Armenia is interested in developing the cooperation with the
Czech Republic with different formats, taking into consideration also
the common goals that we have within the framework of the Eastern
Partnership", the NA President noted. In terms of deepening the
inner-state relations Hovik Abrahamyan highlighted the development
and reinforcement of the inter-parliamentary relations. In the NA
President's word, in the context of the political dialogue the
parliamentary diplomacy and the activity of the Parliamentary
Friendship Groups can have an important role. He noted that
Armenia-Czech Republic Parliamentary Friendship Group had been shaped
in the National Assembly, and its activity could give a new impetus
to the cooperation between the legislative bodies of the two countries.

"The partnership relations between the parliaments of the two countries
have been established, and the dialogue at parliamentary level can also
be useful for rising mutual recognition, for having good pictures about
the foreign political agenda from the view of supporting each other in
the Parliamentary Assemblies of the international organizations", the
NA President said. Hovik Abrahamyan emphasized the cooperation of the
two countries within the framework of the international organizations.

Touching upon the Safarov case the NA President recorded with
satisfaction the stance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the
Czech Republic, which had unequivocally and strictly evaluated what
happened. He highly appreciated the adopted resolution condemning
the Azerbaijani murderer Ramil Safarov by the Committee on Foreign
Relations, Defense and Security of the Senate of the Czech Republic.

"Highlighting this fair and special step by our counterparts, I am
sure that the cooperation between our parliaments from now on will
be productive and continuous". Mr Abrahamyan also thanked the Senator
*t~[tina, who was attending the meeting, for his many years work in
favour of Armenians, beginning from 1988 disastrous earthquake period.

Besides the adoption of the resolution on Ramil Safarov, recently
during the next full meeting of the OSCE PA, which was held in Tirana,
he had supported the RA stance, especially in relation to Safarov case.

Mr Abrahamyan highlighted the activity of the diplomatic representation
of the Czech Republic in Armenia, proposing to open a full embassy
in Yerevan, where a consulate service will also function and the
citizens of Armenia should not be obliged to leave for Georgia to get
entry visas for the Czech Republic. In NA President's conviction, the
opening of the embassy will also have a positive impact on providing
continuity of the political dialogue in terms of trade-economic
cooperation, tourism and activation of human contacts.

The President of the Senate of the Czech Republic thanked Hovik
Abrahamyan for accepting his invitation and visiting the Czech
Republic. He highly assessed the friendly relations shaped between the
two countries and in this context emphasized the development of the
inter-parliamentary cooperation. Milan *t~[ch expressed conviction
that the NA President's official visit to the Czech Republic would
give a new impetus to the bilateral cooperation. He highlighted the
democratic reforms going on in Armenia. Touching upon the Safarov's
extradition and condemning it, Mr *t~[ch noted that the step taken by
Hungary was perhaps a consequence of a mistake or negligence, but the
Azerbaijani President's step was against all international standards.

"It's inadmissible that the murderer is released and is given a title
of hero' the President of the Senate of the Czech Republic.

Milan *t~[ch deemed important Hovik Abrahamyan's proposal of having
full Embassy of the Czech Republic to Armenia and expressed conviction
that it would promote the activation of bilateral relations in all

In the course of the meeting regional problems were also discussed.

The sides touched upon the Armenian-Turkish relations, the NK problem
and the events held in Syria. Hovik Abrahamyan stressed that the
Karabakh conflict should be solved within the OSCE Minsk Group, as
a result of peaceful negotiations. The NA President expressed hope
that up to 2015 the Parliament of the Czech Republic would recognize
the Armenian Genocide.

Hovik Abrahamyan invited the President of the Senate of the Czech
Republic to Armenia on an official visit, and the invitation was
gladly accepted.

The heads of the two parliaments summed up the results of the meeting
in the joint briefing, as well as answered the journalists' questions.

"The Azerbaijani authorities' this decision contradicts all the norms
of the international law: the murderer cannot appear in freedom and
get a title of hero", Mr *t~[ch said.

"To heroize the murderer, the criminal is not good for a President
of any country. And I would like to thank the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs of the Czech Republic, the Senate of the Czech Republic,
the Committee on Foreign Relations, and those, who condemned that
immoral step taken by Azerbaijan and Hungary", Hovik Abrahamyan said.

In the NA President's word, the authorities of the Czech Republic
have balanced stance in the issue of conflicts of the Caucasus region,
which Armenia highly appreciates. Hovik Abrahamyan noted that during
his visit he would apply to the Government of the Czech Republic,
to give opportunity to the diplomatic representation functioning in
Yerevan for providing entry visas to the citizens of Armenia.

The President of the Senate of the Czech Republic said that he knew
that the history of Armenia was one of the ancient ones, and Armenia
was the first country adopting Christianity as a state religion. He
ensured that he was intended to search versions for the citizens of
Armenia in facilitating the issue of providing entry visas to the
Czech Republic. Mr *t~[ch noted that the Czech Republic was ready
to support Armenia in the European Integration process. In his word,
the Czech businessmen are ready to make contributions in Armenia. In
the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic the Delegation led by
the NA President met with the Chairman of the Czech Republic-Armenia
Inter-Parliamentary Friendship Group Robin B'hnisch and the members
of the group. In the course of the meeting the sides discussed a
series of issues of bilateral interest, among them issues concerning
the deepening of inter-parliamentary cooperation, the cooperation in
international organizations and regional problems.

On the same day the NA President and the members of the Delegation
visited Lidice Museum, took a tour in Lidice Memorial, laid flowers at
the tomb of innocent victims and at the monument of Lidice children
and had been to Lidice Children's Gallery. Hovik Abrahamyan met and
talked with those who survived the tragedy.

At the end of the day the NA President met with the representatives
of the Armenian community. In his word, Hovik Abrahamyan touched upon
the inner-political situation of Armenia, the process of Karabakh
problem settlement, the Armenian-Turkish relations, answered the
numerous questions concerning the compatriots. "We have compatriots
spread worldwide, bringing together their efforts and possibilities
stems from the interests of Armenia and Diaspora, because in terms
of the region being separated, but realizing our people's united
interest we should be one commonness. Only in that way we can face
the national challenges, solve the national problems, and leaning on
the achievements of Armenia today outline that dignified future, which
is the striving of our people's all sons irrespective of their venue.

Today, it is everybody's problem to reinforce the statehood of Armenia
and strengthen our country, and on that path we should solve numerous
problems. In this process we also expect your practical participation",
Hovik Abrahamyan noted. "I am glad that you in the heart of Europe
are not separated from the problems of Armenia and in general, our
people, are not indifferent towards its destiny". "Dear compatriots,
I am sure that the time will come when already about 20 year-old de
facto independent Artsakh sooner or later will be recognized de jure
independent. Today already by democracy and at the level of protection
of human fundamental freedoms the Nagorno Karabakh Republic exceeds
its close neighbour Azerbaijan. And now Armenia confidently pursues
negotiations over the NK issue within the OSCE Minsk Group framework
being led not only by the interests of the Armenians of Artsakh,
but also the Armenians throughout the world. The Armenian authorities
have repeatedly announced that they are in favour of the solution of
the problem only through peaceful way, unlike the bellicose statements
regularly sounding at the highest level by Azerbaijan. At the same time
we are sure that the issue of Artsakh will be solved for the Armenians'
benefit. The Republic of Armenia led by the President Serzh Sargsyan
has distinctly announced that the Nagorno Karabakh has never been
and will not be part of Azerbaijan', the NA President stressed.

On October 31 the RA NA President Hovik Abrahamyan will have meetings
with the first Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs
Karel Schwarzenberg, the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Miroslava
Nemcova and the Archbishop of Prague, the Leader of Bohemia Diocese
His Eminence Dominik Cardinal Duka. On the same day late in the
evening the Delegation led by the NA President will return to Yerevan.