October 31, 2012 | 12:40

YEREVAN. - Anthrax has not become an epidemic in Armenia, First Deputy
Agriculture Minister Grisha Baghyan stated during a pres conference
on Wednesday.

Reflecting on the recent emergence of anthrax in Vardenis district of
the Gegharkunik Region, he noted that one of the suspected cases was
confirmed, as a person with the symptoms of anthrax was hospitalized.

"The skin form [of anthrax] was noticed among the [hospitalized]
people, which [that is, the skin form] is not perilous and is subject
to rapid treatment. The Agriculture Ministry carries out vaccination of
animals every year. Such vaccination was conducted this year [as well],
but the animals had caught two viruses, [and] therefore, and due to
a weakening immune system, some animals were infected with anthrax,"
Baghyan said.

He noted that everything is normal, at present. "A criminal case
has been filed and the guilty will be punished with respect to the
shortcomings during vaccinations," the Deputy Minister assured.

Grisha Baghyan added that the meat is inspected on a daily basis at
all locations in Armenia where it is sold, and the suspicious meat
is tested at laboratories.