31 October, 2012

YEREVAN, OCTOBER 30, ARMENPRESS: Azerbaijan bears a huge
responsibility for having in fact probably "betrayed" a member of the
EU country. Honorary Consul of Armenia to Luxembourg Frank Engel stated
this in an exclusive interview to "Armenpress". He said that it is
unacceptable that Azerbaijan first assured Hungarian authorities that
they would keep Safarov imprisoned, not glorified, but in fact, they
did just the contrary. At the interview he spoke about Savorov's case
and the perspective of taking the negotiation procedure out from the
deadlock. Engel stated: "I myself could hardly believe that Budapest
could be so na´ve and trust promises given by Azerbaijan. For eight
years, the Azerbaijani government was trying to get Safarov extradited
and every Hungarian government rejected the request, knowing what could
happen. Then suddenly they were reassured enough by a vice-minister's
signature on a piece of paper, which indeed did not say very much
about Safarov and whether he would not be freed or glorified."

Frank Engel said that he is very anxious that some agreements served
as a basis for that decision. The MEP also mentioned the following:
"I have also read that some billions have been promised from one
side to another. We will find it out if it happens to be the truth;
should it indeed be so, I will be less than happy." He also noted
that Hungary has striven and still strives to have the best possible
relations with Armenia.

Engel also did not hide his concern with the fact that some
parliamentarians see material benefit for them or their colleagues
from the Azerbaijani side. He stated: "My concern, which goes to
Azerbaijan, is that quite a few parliamentarians either themselves
or their respective life partners appear to have material interests
on the Azeri side. I know no MEP having material interests on the
Armenian side. Moreover, it has been rumored that a number of people
are involved in Azeri oil trade. You cannot forbid that, it is not
illegal. But at least it could be said that if you have interests
of such peculiar nature you might refrain from the heaviest possible
involvement in things Caucasian. My impression is that on the Azeri
side, there is a particularly significant presence in the EP now. But
if they get meeting rooms and organize presentations, distortion of
history included, then there is little we can do about it."

He underlined the negative effects of these all on the regulation
of the Nagorno Karabakh impact. He said that he certainly does not
see any big breakthrough in the next 6 months or year. Especially
military rhetoric of the Azerbaijani side will not encourage the
regulation of the impact as well.

From: Baghdasarian