11:30, November 1, 2012

On November 1st, 2012 "Karabakh Telecom" CJSC launched new service
"Merontsov", for its Prepaid Subscribers. Conditions:

~UCalls to KT numbers with 50% discount ~UCalls to Armenian numbers
with 25% discount Adding numbers is free of charge. Each number
modification costs 150 AMD (including VAT).

Karabakh Telecom subscribers can dial *777*subscriber number# and
choose a maximum 3 numbers. All 3 numbers of "Merontsov" service can
be Karabakh Telecom numbers, or two of them can be Karabakh Telecom
numbers and one number can be from any of Armenia's 3 operators.

Karabakh Telecom has been in operation since February 2002. During
these past 10 years, the company has built new GSM stations, with
provides mobile coverage to about 95% of the Republic's territory.

Karabakh Telecom provides GSM, PSTN and WLL services, ADSL and FO
internet services.