Igor Muradyan

Politics - Monday, 19 November 2012, 10:59

Each country and nation, as well as political class has hopes and
expectations relating to political and economic prospects. The present
moment is not a period of hopes for Turkey.

Despite lack of competence and capacity of relevant functionaries
of the administration, the Americans have been able to lead Turkey
into a state of utter obedience. However, it should be said that this
submission is a state of a furious and unreliable partner.

But the Turks are not such as to give up at the very first defeat.

It's necessary to understand that Turks return to old, forgotten ideas
and goals. Not only Turks but also many other ambitious nations in
the region think that the U.S. is shifting responsibility for the
Middle East, first of all.

Experts of Turkish origin, working for the think-tanks of the Western
community, are thinking actively on this issue, and their Arab,
Iranian and Greek colleagues think with them too. This topic is
relevant and demanded for many in the analytical community (with the
exception of analysts working in the U.S. embassies in the region,
including in the U.S. Embassy to Armenia).

Anyway, in Ankara the future of geopolitics and regional policy is
linked with ending positions and presence in the Middle East. It would
be very unserious to suspect the U.S. of a possible "departure" from
the Middle East. The U.S. still has urgent problems in the region and
is planning various activities to re-balance and re-format the region.

It is a large scale and it's complicated but the Americans are trying
to carry out these plans without any significant material costs
(relatively, of course).

From: Baghdasarian