Tue, 11/27/2012 - 14:31

Two cases of trafficking against minors realized abroad were reported
in 2011. One of them was sexual exploitation in Turkey, the other -
labor exploitation in the RF. In both cases 17-year-old girls were

It was mentioned during the conversation with the reporter of
'' by the Head of Trafficking and Migration Programs of
the 'People in need' organization Tatevik Bejanyan. According to her,
the case of exploitation in Turkey is now at the judicial proceedings
stage, and the case of exploitation in the RF is at the preliminary
investigation stage.

'There are countries that earn on the exploitation of minors.

Hopefully, Armenia does not belong to those countries. However,
our country is also not secured from manifestations of that crime'
as noted our interviewee.

'It is quite hard to take the child out of Armenia; a number of
documents, the permission of parents are required'. However, even one
case of minor trafficking is too much for Armenia. The Anti-trafficking
programs expert of the OSCE Office in Yerevan Davit Toumasyan agrees
with the expert. According to him no cases of taking children away
from Armenia were recorded. As for the disclosed two cases, in his
opinion, we cannot confirm that there was trafficking of a minor
until the accusing judgment is made, taking into consideration the
presumption of innocence.

According to D. Toumasyan's words this crime continues to remain
latent, what can result in psychological peculiarities in some cases.

For example, the parents think that it is better to keep everything
inside the family. For that reason, unfortunately, we do not learn
what is going on. Despite the public awareness, lack of knowledge,
the experts evaluate the fight against trafficking as positive and
the situation under control.

According to the lawyer's words the regulations of the law greatly
contributed to the fight against trafficking. Trafficking was qualified
as a crime since 2003 in the RA, when the functioning Criminal Code
was adopted.

'It was brought in line with international standards, Article 132.2 was
separated with respect to trafficking, and some toughening measures
were taken. For instance, when in the past a minor was involved in
prostitution the action was seen as involving in prostitution based
on mercenary motives. Now the same action is qualified as trafficking
of minors'.

In T. Bejanyan's opinion the Armenian legislation is in a much better
condition than of our neighbors. 'For instance, according to the U.S.

State Department report Georgia belongs to the first best countries,
whereas Armenia and Switzerland to the second. With respect to the
fight against that crime we do more than countries placed on higher
positions' concluded T. Bejanyan.