Diamond World
Oct 31 2013

The show is a platform to promote Armenia's jewellery industry By:
Diamond World News Service

CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri recently visited the 2013 Yerevan
Jewellery Show in Armenia, appearing as guest of honour and also
addressing a conference that looked at the current prospects and
challenges for jewellery production in the country. This conference
was a keynote event at the show. During the conference, which also
was addressed by the CIBJO President, AJA's Chairman Gagik Gevorkian
provided details on a project to establish a jewellery Free Economic
Zone in Yerevan, which will serve the regional markets both in
Europe and Asia. "Armenia is terrific example of how cooperation and
dedication can transform the jewellery sector into a national asset,
which will contribute substantially to the health of the economy,
creating revenues, jobs and social benefits," said Dr. Cavalieri.

"Jewellery manufacturing has been an integral part of the Armenian
culture and identity for centuries, and today with the support of
government and the involvement of Armenian peoples from around the
world it, the entire country will reap its benefit.

The Yerevan Jewellery Show is being developed by the Armenian Jewellery
Association (AJA) as a key platform for the country's growing jewellery
sector. It is drawing on the support and experience of members of
the Armenian diaspora, who are active in jewellery centres around
the world. The show featured 125 local and international exhibitors,
including CIBJO, and it drew 140 foreign buyers and was held between
October 28-30 in the Armenian capital.

The trade fair and the industry enjoy strong government support, with
the show being opened by the President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan,
who was joined by country's first lady. The opening ceremony took
place immediately following Jeweller's National Day, which is a
holiday established by a decree of the Government of Armenia.