19:11 31/10/2013 " REGION

"Washington looks forward to new efforts and confidences in peaceful
negotiations on the Karabakh conflict settlement," stated James
Warlick, the OSCE Minsk Group U.S. co-chair, in an interview with
the Azerbaijani news agency "Turan".

Referring to the OSCE Minsk Group's forthcoming visit to the region,
he stated that his mission there is to make the people and governments
of the two countries take a decision, which will secure a lasting
peace in the region.

"My acquaintance with the region confirmed that the people want to
settle the conflict and they realize that there will be losses. The
conflict is settlement will bring prosperity to the Caucasus, I'm
sure. Therefore, we must look for and find such ways that will allow
people and governments to achieve this goal," stated the co-chairman
of the OSCE Minsk Group.

According to Warlick, considering the fact that today the mediators
are trying to sit the leaders of two counties down at the table for
the first time during a rather long period, "the credibility of the
parties towards each other becomes of vital importance."

"Next week we're going to leave for the region for meeting the two
Presidents, and we hope that they will make a decision about their
meeting. It is important to keep the doors open, to keep the ties
and conduct productive discussions on the way forward. I hope that
the OSCE Minsk Group can help with this," Warlick stated.

When asked about the time and the place of the future meeting, the
diplomat stated that this would depend on presidents. "I hope that
it will take place sooner, but it depends on them," stated the OSCE
Minsk Group U.S. co-chairman.

As for the negotiations' details and the discussion topics, the
diplomat said that they should look forward realistically. "At present
we have to undertake practical steps in order to conduct full-scale
negotiations and reach a solution. This is what the people of Armenia
and Azerbaijan expect," James Warlick believes.

Source: Panorama.am