With Synopsys Armenia as the largest tenant, the technopark also
works with Cubic GTS, SCDM, Apricot Mobile, LIGHT Craft, among others.

The 1st Armenian technopark, Viasphere, based on Transistor factory
was launched by Viasphere International U.S. company in Yerevan on
July 26, 2001. Back then, Viasphere International CEO Toni Moroyan
stated that the technology park will provide necessary infrastructure
to facilitate the launch of a business for local startups, including
provision of offices, computer networks, company management and
product promotion at worldwide markets.

October 30, 2013

PanARMENIAN.Net - He was true to his word: at present, the technology
park has 20 companies as tenants instead of 2 it started with.

With Synopsys Armenia as the largest tenant, the technopark also works
with Cubic GTS, SCDM, Apricot Mobile, LIGHT Craft, OZ soft, Rubin
laser technologies, Alias, Tandem payments, SG Design Electronics,
Smart-Tech, MTD, Damaris. The 14 000 square meter techno park area
accommodates offices, buildings, as well as a parking lot with a 200
car capacity.

It all started in 1991, when Toni Moroyan, then a senior executive at
Hitachi America visited Armenia on the invitation of its government
to help discover the country's potential in the IT sector and assess
the relevant resources. Efforts were taken to boost international
awareness of Armenia's IT sector, with partnership established with
leading companies worldwide.

Gradually, small IT companies, including Mosaic Armenia and Arset,
were launched in Armenia (in 1998-2000), to be later purchased by
Synopsys. Also, a new technopark opened following negotiations with
the government of Armenia. Viasphere International founder Toni
Moroyan was very careful in picking a location, to be situated far
from Yerevan center yet have a quick assess to the Armenian capital's
infrastructure. Shengavit district's Arshakunyats Street was chosen
as the technopark site to serve as a miniature IT campus in future.

Moroyan then persuaded the electronic design automation leader
Synopsys to pick Yerevan rather that Moscow to open its new office in,
brining the company's attention to opportunities and promising human
resources Armenia had to offer. Soon, Synopsys Armenia was supplying
its production to the U.S. Also, major investments were extended to
the country's IT sector and universities to acquire modern equipment
and train qualified experts.

Viasphere's current mission is development of leading companies
of future, promotion of high technologies in Armenia. Currently,
construction of new quarters to house new start-ups is ongoing in

According to Moroyan, such companies must receive maximum support in
Armenia: even with only a few of them surviving, those which will are
going to be the ones to represent the country at international markets.

As he further noted, to develop hi-tech sector, Armenia needs a
well-developed strategy, as well as accomplished experts in specific
sectors such as microchip designing.

"The country needs IT specialists - there's a lot of jobs out there
- yet we cannot invite leading companies to establish presence in
Armenia for lack of experts. IT sector should be promoted in Armenia
as one providing a wide range of opportunities - from marketing
to engineering. The trained experts must be effectively engaged in
their respective lines to serve as Armenia's advantage in global IT
industry," Moroyan said.

Cubic GTS is the leading supplier of intermodal container monitoring,
tracking and security solutions that enable the most efficient global
transportation of goods by providing a Continuous Chain of Custody
(C-3) Shipping SystemTM.

Cubic GTS is a firm developing and providing the leading container
monitoring, tracking and security products and services. The company's
innovative hardware, software and infrastructure capabilities provide
immediate worldwide reporting on container location, condition
and security to shippers and government agencies, resulting in
a Continuous Chain of Custody (C-3) Shipping System(tm) for rapid
security processing at points of entry, and more efficient logistics
management along the entire supply chain.

The company is advancing in major validation and certification
trials, and has strategic partnerships with key communication network
providers, logistics managers, and system integrators.

The company's strategy is to engage with customers to tailor our
technology for rapid deployment to immediately enhance their supply
chain and inventory management.

Cubic GTS products consist of Global Sentinel(tm) container security
devices that are capable of providing real-time status, position
and event information from any point on earth on a continuous basis
and Device Management Center (DMC) that provides immediate global
monitoring of intermodal shipping container security, condition and
location. The container-mounted Global Sentinel device incorporates
various types of electronic sensors and communicates seamlessly
worldwide with Cubic GTS`s DMC through multiple wireless technologies,
providing immediate secure access to data from the container. The
DMC links to Cubic GTS customers` data centers in a number of ways
including standard XML over a secure network connection. Customers
and appropriate agencies can also be notified via SMS text messaging
and email notification within minutes of a container experiencing an
abnormal event.

The Cubic GTS systems provide the entire supply chain with improved
security, reduced shrinkage and, thus, lower insurance premiums. By
providing a virtual "Continuous Chain of Custody", Global Sentinel
facilitates the implementation of fastlane Customs processing and
the time-critical knowledge to enhance logistics management.

Tandem Payments Ltd payment processing company was founded in May
2007. The main activity of the company is the provision of payment
accepting services through terminals.

The company currently provides payment services through its terminals
for utility and mobile services, IP telephony and TV, various state
duties and fines (Passport and Visa Department, Ministry of Justice,
Traffic Police, State Committee of Real Estate Cadastre, Tax Service,
State Register Agency of Legal Entities of Armenian Ministry of
Justice) and other payments, as well as provides payment services
via ARCA portal system (processing and clearing).

Starting from 2012, as a result of active cooperation with banks and
loan organizations, it became possible to implement payments for gold
deposit, loan repayment, overdraft and replenish personal accounts.

Tandem Payments cooperates with Russian Intercoopbank Company,
which has over 30.000 self-servicing terminals, through which it
is possible to make payments for "Orange Armenia", "VivaCell MTS",
Armenian utility services (electricity, gas, water), Vivaro and Toto
bookmakers, as well as implement card to card transfers from Russia
to Armenia.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress