14:49 ~U 31.10.13

Turkey is trying to use the rebels in its struggle against Kurds
in Syria, which is a new phenomenon, Director of the Institute of
Oriental Studies Ruben Safrastyan told journalists on Thursday.

"The situation in Syria has lately shown new realities, which,
unfortunately, do not suggest the solution to the problem is near.

Arms and rebels are being brought into the country, may be at a higher
rate than before," Mr Safrastyan said.

He pointed out a number of Syria-related events. The most important
is a meeting scheduled for late November. Different forces will
discuss the ways of establishing peace. However, the latest reports
show that most of the opposition forces are refusing to participate
in the meeting, which may torpedo the meeting.

"The relations between United States and Saudi Arabia are growing
strained because of the Syria crisis. And situation in the Middle
East is showing a tendency to grow strained," Mr Safrastyan said.

With respect to US-Turkey relations, Mr Safrastyan pointed out that
they have lately shown signs of tension. Turkey is interested in rebel
groups getting stronger, to use them in its struggle against Kurds.

"Turkey is seeking to play an independent game, which is the cause
of growing discontent in the United States," Mr Safrastyan said.

As regards the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in this context, the scholar
said that he does not see any new developments.

From: Baghdasarian