Our Country's System Has Not Been Restarted For A Long Time

Interview with Samvel Baghdasaryan, comedian

In the 1990s you appeared to the public more frequently. Now there
seems to be no shortage of satire but there seems to be nothing to
say. Is the shortage of politics resulting in shortage of politics in

Political satire should not necessarily be dominant. In the 1990s it
as interesting because we entered into a new stage of state building,
since 2000 the state has entered into a new stage of changes where
political satire has its share. Besides, over the past four to five
years there seems to have been no shortage of satire in politics.
Politicians amuse the public more frequently than political satirists.
Look with what ease the members of parliament with oligarchic
inclinations afford semi-ironic contacts with reporters, which the
media broadcast with love, whereas the function of journalism and the
media is also to shape taste.

Is there a reason in the real situation to be happy?

In this difficult period of Armenia I am happy with the new generation
and the people who live and discover strength in themselves to pursue
change. These people will prevent stagnation. I don't know what the
price of change of psychology and values will happen but nature cannot
bear this situation long. Today the citizens are disturbed by the
castle that Surik Khachatryan is building on the hill which seems to
be reigning over the capital city. The culture of the capital city
should exclude such architectural dominance of an individual and
allocation of every patch of land of the city must be based on the
national psychological security. Not a house but a cultural facility
or at least a hotel should be built on the hill in the capital,
providing a nice view of the city from there.

Why are some people obsessed with getting wealthy?

In many cases being wealthy is a sport. Most of them might be
accumulating their wealth for their children but statistics shows that
these children may gamble away everything in two days. Wealth is
energy, it may also be cursed, depending on how one got that money. If
it is obtained through fraud, falsification, murder, it will be
cursed. I want there to be more rich people, businessmen who began
from scratch and rose but not at such a price. In the world people who
gained wealth usually share their experience and thoughts with the
society? What will our `lucky strikes' share who cheated and falsified
to get their wealth ... OK, well, I don't want to repeat myself.

What do you think about the future awaiting Armenia? They say we are
about to lose our sovereignty and future?

Armenia cannot disappear as a subject. Armenia will disappear if the
world disappears. Let's take this as an axiom. It is another issue
what vision of development Armenia has. Our life has borders, and the
issue is what we manage to do within that border. Armenia has
prospects for development in case it is able to use its potential
correctly. In fact, the society should not be so much engaged in
political intrigues, it must be aware of its path for the next month,
year, five years and move in that direction because political projects
in Armenia are personified, everyone sees to their personal interest.

How about public interest?

People carry the public interest, and beyond people the supreme
thinking. We are going through our share of logic. Indeed, today's
citizens cannot see real politicians who are bold, want change and
resist and lose faith. I am also against pointlessly bold ones who set
deadlines for revolution, marking days on the calendar.

Struggle over these years has shown that there were no real bold ones
who would be able to change the reality so there was no confidence in
the opposition.

I agree that everyone's time is limited. After all, by reviewing one's
life one understands the quotient of their usefulness, how one can be
useful to others. One can find one's quotient of usefulness in one's
family, relatives, for another one this is a small circle. It is
important to serve one's time, mind, abilities, nerves.

Armenia is an interesting country, and if one spends one's energy
efficiently, avoid seeing people that cause disgust, cut 70% of news
from your life, believe me that one can be happy. Otherwise, these
people and news intoxicate one, harm like a virus harms an operating
system. One has counterfeited a brand, the other has killed a man, the
third is building a house on the hill, the fourth is illegitimate.
Altogether they slow your life, the pace of the world surrounding you,
like a computer that needs formatting. Our country's system has not
been restarted for a long time.

As a result the citizens pack their things and leave because they are
tired of negativity, people, government's projects that say nothing,
false patriotism. The Chinese saying is take a step if you don't know
what to do. Citizens do so. However, it is not ruled out that this
movement will be irregular and will not lead anywhere. Citizens need a
revolution of mind, I don't mean the revolution of mind that our prime
minister offers when they bring to overhauled toilets, ATMs and draw
numbers. Is a toilet a revolution of mind...

The second stage `We pay 100 drams' will start because the deputy
mayor announced yesterday that fare will rise. Will you join this

I can't plan now and it is not a matter of being cowardly or weak. I
am grateful to the participants, I am happy that my colleagues also
participate. It was a beautiful movement, the state, the world, the
citizen, the police needed it. It proved that it is possible to boost
morale in the nation by a single move.

Siranuysh Papyan

15:11 02/11/2013
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