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Presentation by
Al Eisaian

Why is Armenia `Poor'?

Thursday, November
21, 2013 @ 7:30PM

In the Merdinian
School:13330 Riverside Dr. Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Abstract: In the modern age of abundant information and education,
collaboration is at the heart of true innovation and market
success. Commitment, Competence and Connectedness are the keys to
increasing the probability of success. The presenter's experiences
derived from a 40-year ukhd (pledge) in 1999 to visit Armenia every
year and help Hayasdan develop into a sustainable and prosperous
country. Now in the 14th year of this ukhd, what the experiences in
Armenia have shown and the probable answers to one important question:
"Why is Armenia `poor', will be discussed? The presentation will try
to respond to the following questions: Is it due to lack of natural
resources? Is it due to the twin blockades of Turkey and Azerbaijan?
Is it because of lack of proper support from Diaspora and the
international community? Is it due to inadequate governance? Is it due
to inadequate and outdated educational systems at all levels? Is it
due to an improper mindset, left over from Soviet times? Is it due to
lack of strategic planning? These and similar issues will be addressed
and discussed, in light of his 14 year experiences with Armenia.

Al Eisaian is the Founder and Chairman of IconApps, a mobile data
platform company, and the developer of the popular `Intuition: Mom's
Personal Assistant' app on the AppStore. Al served as the Global Head
of Product Strategy and Marketing for Opera Solutions, a global
Big-Data analytics company based in NY from 2010-2011. In 2005 he
Co-Founded and served as Chairman and CEO (until 2008) and Executive
Chairman of the Integrien Corporation--until its acquisition by VMWare
in 2010. Eisaian Co-Founded CreationPoint Systems, a systems
management consultancy, from 2001-2005. He served as the SVP and
General Manager of LowerMyBills, Inc., later acquired by Experian
Corporation, from 2000-2001. Al has also served as Associate Partner
at USWebCKS, Business Development Director at LaunchPad (an idealab
company) and Business Unit Manager at NMB Corporation. Al is the
author of three staged plays, `Who Gives a Damn?' staged in 1992,
`Chaos Unlimited!' staged in 1996, and `Emptiness' staged in
2004-2005. He has earned an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BSEE
from Oklahoma State University. An avid traveler, hiker and yoga
practitioner, he has witnessed human kindness and oneness in nearly 30
countries in 4 continents.

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