Country - 10 November 2014, 20:41

In an interview with Armenpress, on November 10 Serzh Sargsyan
commented on the current political situation.

"Obviously, we are focused on the domestic processes and once again
we highlight all the proposals, all the recommendations that will be
possible to implement and achieve something good as a result.

Basically, I urge my fellow party members, representatives of the state
government machine not to accept such recommendations, criticism with
hostility and study and find whatever is useful there."

In this respect, he said, the most tangible one is the 12
recommendations by the four parliamentary forces. The government has
studied attentively, and it is known to everybody that the government
has responded in detail. The parliamentary forces are not satisfied
with these answers, and the government says we have done a huge job
and this and this has been done regarding these recommendations, while
the other recommendations are impossible to implement, he stated,
proposing to come back to the document and specify the processes
through which those points will be implemented.

For the first recommendation, he said, there will be a small roadmap,
deadlines, move on to the next ones, to make sure that these forces or
the three parties are satisfied, do not think they have been ignored.

And, on the other hand, the government may have a fresh look at the
recommendations. Our purpose is one - we must be able to use all our
capacity to develop the country, he noted.

With regards to the constitutional reforms, he said the time until
February will be used to achieve greater political consolidation
because it is difficult to have a good document without the support of
the political parties and a good Constitution. It is highly important
to have a better Constitution than the existing one, he noted.