Armavia dismisses reports of debts to Russian navigation services

October 1, 2004 Friday

By Tigran Liloyan


A spokesman for Armenia's national air carrier, Armavia, has dismissed
reports the company is in debt to Russian air navigation services.

"Rumors in Russian mass media the country's air space may be closed to
the company's planes due to debts are groundless," Armavia public
relations manager Garik Siroyan has said.

He said the airlines had no debts for air navigation services to
Russia's air traffic planning and control center.

The Armavia official described as "deplorable mistake" the mention of
the company's name in the list of debtor air carriers. He confirmed
that Russia's air space remained open to Armavia liners.

Russia's air traffic and control center on Thursday formally notified
the aviation authorities of the other CIS countries navigation
services will stop to be provided as of October 1 to those air
carriers that have outstanding debts for flights in Russian air space.

Armenia's Gyumri Airlines and Aero-Van airlines featured on the list
of debtors.

According to the Russian Transport Ministry a number of Georgian,
Kazakh and Ukrainian airlines have debts to Russian air navigators.