YEREVAN, SEPTEMBER 30. ARMINFO. Russia remains strategic ally of
Armenia, Armenian Defense Minister Serge Sargsyan told the Armenian
Public Television.

He said that all the talks that Armenia turns away from Russia, tries
to join NATO etc,, do not correspond to reality. Such rumors are
spread by political rivals of Armenia. Armenia's cooperation with the
USA does not develop at the expense of Armenia's relations with
Russia. If Armenia aspired to withdraw from CST and join NATO, it
would be worthwhile to change its priorities. But, as Armenia remains
in CST, it signed a voluminous Agreement with Russia, so the latter
remains the main strategic ally of Armenia. Armenia's relations with
the USA and NATO develop paralleled, which means that Armenia uses the
existing opportunities, the minister said. As regards the prospects of
expansion of the Armenian-Russian cooperation, he said that due to the
50 agreements signed, a serious contractual base is created for
development of these relations. Military cooperation is infinite and
multi-dimensional, that is why it will further develop. In particular,
beginning from Jan 1, 2005, direct Agreements with Russian enterprises
on security of arms and ammunition for Armenia could be signed, which
is beneficial, of course, the minister said.