Dynamite Threatens Ancient City of Ani

10.03.2004 Sunday

Detonations at Armenian stone quarries damaged some of the ruins
located in the 6000-year-old city of Ani on the Turkish-Armenian

Sabit Osman Avci, who is President of the Protection of Historical
Heritage Foundation and a former Speaker of the Turkish Parliament
(TBMM), conducted studies in the region. Avci said that up until two
years ago there was onlyone stone quarry in the region; now the number
is eight. He warned that the dynamite being detonated at these
quarries damaged the ancient city of Ani.

"They [Armenians] clamor that Turkey destroys Ani," explained
Avci. "Here are the stone quarries. The dynamite exploded in these
quarries causes serious damage to the standing buildings in Ani over
the course of time. The stone quarries in question should be closed."

The ancient ruins of Ani are among the 100 historical works that need
to be protected in the world. The ancient city was a great center of
trade and is mentioned in records of the Silk Road from the Middle

Examples of Sasani, Arabic, Armenian, and Seljuk architecture can be
found among the Ani ruins. Ani is home to the first Turkish mosque
built in Anatolia, Ebul Menucehr. Members of the Seljuk Dynasty built
the mosque in 1072.

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