President of NKR urges more diaspora investment in Karabakh

Public Television of Armenia, Yerevan
4 Oct 04

[Presenter] The president of the Nagornyy Karabakh Republic (NKR),
Arkadiy Gukasyan, spoke about the situation in Artsakh [Karabakh] at
the 83rd international congress of the Armenian General Benevolent
Union today. The Artsakh president stressed the importance of the
diaspora's support for the country's development. Gukasyan told the
congress that it was high time to switch from humanitarian assistance
to implementing development programmes and urged more active
investments in Artsakh.

Asked by members of the diaspora about the settlement process of the
Karabakh conflict, Arkadiy Gukasyan said that the NKR would be either
an independent state or a part of the Republic of Armenia.

[Arkadiy Gukasyan, captioned] We understand that it is impossible for
Karabakh to be a part of Azerbaijan. We are trying to persuade the
international community and the mediators that if they are trying to
settle the problem by returning it to Azerbaijan, this will lead to
war. Fortunately, today the international community understands
this. There is no doubt that Karabakh will either be an independent
state or a part of Armenia.