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Yerevan, October 1, 2004

FARFAA - Salzburg Medical Seminars Program, in cooperation with the
Armenian Medical Association, organized an `OUTCOMS RESEARCH' meeting
on the first of October at the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
(Yerevan, Armenia). About 50 medical specialists from a various
hospitals throughout Armenia participated in the lecture.

At the focus of the meeting was a lecture given by Chris Arslanian,
PHD, RN, the Director of Outcomes Research International, Inc (USA)
who stressed to Armenian physicians that outcomes research should be a
part of good clinical practice. Contrary to Arslanian's lecture,
there are many practitioners who believe that outcomes research is too
much work for too little reward. It was stressed that conducting
outcomes research in clinical practice can be valuable and that by
learning and using the process and using it frequently it becomes much
less burdensome.

Additionally, several outcomes research case presentations were
presented by the representatives of AUA, YSMU Clinical Hospital No 1
and the Center of Genetics. Dr. Arslanian followed-up with her own
scholarly opinion and valuable advice regarding the design and methods
of the outcome research project.

The lecture was highly regarded by both the participants and the
organizing committee, most applauding the quality of the
presentations, interesting discussions and opportunity for networking.

The organizers are especially grateful to the Institute of Obstetrics
and Gynaecology, with whom this event would not have a success

Utilizing the theories and discussions offered at the meeting, we hope
that the presentations will help to enhance the practice of local
specialists and that we can continue such programs like this in the

FARFAA is a non-for-profit non-governmental organization of medical
professionals, aimed at improving the health care system and advancing
the medical sciences in Armenia.

Armenian Medical Association is a professional non-governmental
organization of physicians and medical students which aims to better
medicine in the Republic of Armenia. The organization has made it one
of their paramount goals to consider progressive ways in approaching
medicine in Armenia, as well as bringing global perspectives to
Armenian physicians. For more information on the Armenian Medical
Association please visit their website at