Azat Artsakh - Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR)
06 Oct 04

Last Sunday a fair of agricultural products was organized in the
capital of NKR Stepanakert. `The Festival of the Harvest' was
organized by the NKR Ministry of Agriculture, regional administrations
of the republic, the CityHall of Stepanakert. The fair was held in the
Sasountsi Davit Street, near the Homeof Officers, and all the regions
except Shahoumian, the companies `Artsakhalco' , `Academia',
`Yengibarian', `Dvin', as well as farms participated in it. A wide
variety of goods produced in Karabakh was presented, such as fresh
produce, dairy products, alcohol and soft drinks, canned food. And
what is more, on this day the products were sold at prices reduced by
30-40 per cent. Approximately, products of 15 million drams were sold
on that day. Besides,`Academia' Ltd. sold gardening tools at low
prices. There was also live music, and the visitors of the fair were
treated to barbecued meat, lavash and excellent wine brought by the
regional administrations. This festival will be held every year
hopefully involving more participants. Only it would be preferable if
the produce was sold on stands and not directly from the cars, which
caused long queues.