Pressure group appeals to NATO Secretary General

Assa Irada, Azerbaijan
28 Oct. 2004

The Garabagh Liberation Organization (GLO) has forwarded an appeal to
the NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer saying that by trying
to attend the NATO events in Baku Armenia aims to hurt the relations
between Azerbaijan and the organization and provoke stand-off and
tensions in the country.

The documents regards as unacceptable inviting Armenia to any event
in Azerbaijan, as this aggressor country perpetrated the Khojali
massacre, killed thousands of Azerbaijanis and currently holds many
Azeri citizens in captivity.

The GLO termed this as an insult to the entire Azerbaijani people
and the memory of war victims and demanded NATO to end the practice
of inviting Armenians to events in Baku.

NATO Secretary General Scheffer is expected to arrive in Baku as part
of his tour over South Caucasus November 4.*