ITAR-TASS News Agency
September 30, 2005 Friday

CIS Interior Ministers Council will have its own magazine

By Svetlana Alikina and Tigran Liloyan


The Interior Ministers Council of the CIS Nations will have its own
magazine - the"Herald of the Interior Ministers Council", Chief of
the Public Relations Department of Russian Interior Ministry Valery
Gribakin told Itar-Tass here on Friday.

The Russian Interior Ministry's proposal on this score was backed at
the regular meeting of the CIS Interior Ministers, which ended in the
Armenian capital on Friday. "This publication should serve as a
channel of information to exchange the accumulated experience, to
consolidate the working and other contacts of the employees of our
ministries and to enhance the authority of the Council itself,"
Gribakin stressed.

He explained that the "Herald" would be an informational and
analytical publication intended for the professional readership. "We
believe the magazine should consist of three thematic sections -
information, methodology, and general," Gribakin stated.

The first section, he added, will presumably contain information on
the most important events in our work to enforce law and order on the
territory of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the second -
analytical articles, documents and materials on the accumulated
professional experience.

As to the third section, it will contain feature stories about
particularly distinguished policemen, archive history documents,
stories about particularly interesting places of culture and history
and about monuments to be found on the territory of the Commonwealth
of Independent States.

The Bureau for Coordinating the Fight Against Organised Crime will
found the magazine, which is to be published by the Joint Editorial
Office of the Russian Interior Ministry.

"Work will be shortly started on the magazine's pilot edition,"
Gribakin told Itar-Tass.