| 14:28:34 | 30-09-2005 | Politics |


`I am convinced now that I am an important factor in the political field as
the whole power system fought against me', announced Kenton community head
candidate Rouzan Khachatryan during today's press conference.

She reminded that Robert Kocharyan, Serge Sargsyan, Andranik Margaryan and
Andranik Manoukyan have never been involved in the community head elections.
«On the election day Robert Kocharyan announced that he whom he votes for
always wins, and I don't think anyone will doubt the choice of the
President», Rouzan Khachatryan said.

She found her candidate important in another respect: this was the first
case when a woman puts forward her candidacy for the post of the community
head. She is convinced that during the nest elections there will be more
woman candidates.

Besides, after the elections Rouzan Khachatryan considers herself the savior
of Yerevan, «They say after the elections Gagik Beglaryan was going to
become the Yerevan mayor. Nevertheless, after the problems connected with
the elections it will be meaningless to leave the post of the community
head. So, I saved Yerevan from a potential mayor», Rouzan Khachatryan


The Kentron community head elections are over, but the results are not yet.
Two days after the elections 7 young people took Rouzan Khachatryan's
confidant Karen Haroutyunyan to the area near the Metax factory and beat him

Rouzan Khachatryan announced about it today during the press conference. At
the end of the conference the mother of the victim Telik Haroutyunyan too
talked to the journalists. She said that they did not turn to doctors in
order to avoid further development of the case. Neither will they turn to
the police.

Rouzan Khachatryan claimed that this was not the only case of violence, and
as the majority of the confidants were women, she asked them to leave the
electoral areas immediately in case of violence.

«One of the woman members of the committee who refused to sign the protocol
was told by the police that either she will sign or she will be taken to
police from where she may even fail to return. She called me, and I asked
her to sign the protocol and leave the area immediately as we did not want
any victims».

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress