| 17:02:39 | 30-09-2005 | Politics |


«The court was not subject to pressures», said the newly elected head of the
Qanaqer-Zeytun community Arayik Qotanjyan during the press conference about
the elections in the community today in «Azdak» club.

After the elections were announced invalid, Arayik Qotanjyan did not even
hope that the trial would be held, but when it was, he was sure to win, «In
case of holding the trial there could be no other decision, as the forgery
and the crime were obvious».

The newly elected community head is worried that his opponent has not
congratulated him. Before that he had decided to give them an opportunity to
work with him, but today he said, «How shall we sit around a table and work
together? ».

By the way, the Qanaqer-Zeytun community head has not yet taken up his
responsibilities, but he announced beforehand, «There will be no drastic
steps, we will keep the hard-working officials and change the rest».