| 17:15:27 | 30-09-2005 | Social |


61-year-old Hrachik Haroutyunyan watched with tears in his eyes how the
furniture of his house in Buzand 17 was being taken into the lorry. They
were taken in not by the residents of the house, but by the workers of the
court officers. The court officers did not even allow Hrachik Hovhannisyan
to enter his house, as he is not registered there.

«It is now clear why they postponed the eviction. They did it for us not to
hinder the elections. Now everything is over, and they are here», said the
daughter of Hrachik Haroutyunyan Astghik whose family was not visited by the
court officers for the last 15 days.

According to her, today early in the morning about 50 people - court
officers and policemen «attacked their house». Now the Hovhannisyans do not
know where to go. «They will take the things to the store as we have nowhere
to take them», said Astghik.

They were paid 10 500 USD for 35 square meters. «We cannot buy even a
one-room flat with that sum», said Hrachik Haroutyunyan.

The dwellers of the Buzand street now foresee the eviction of the Buzand 15