IranMania, Iran
Oct 1 2005

Iran, Algeria, Sri Lanka, Armenia to expand trade

Saturday, October 01, 2005 - 2005

LONDON, October 1 (IranMania) - Iran is to expand its trade ties with
Algeria, Sri Lanka and Armenia in a move to promote joint investment
in various economic sectors, the Economic Affairs and Finance
Minister Danesh-Jafari emphasized in three separate meetings held
last week with his counterparts from the said countries.

According to MNA, Algeria and Iran are members of the same group in
the World Bank (WB) and IMF. In 2004, Algeria headed the group in WB
while Iran kept the same group position at the IMF. So it is of
paramount importance to develop further the role of effective
investment in both countries, said Jafari.

Iran may benefit a lot from Sri Lanka?s know-how in tea industry by
applying the proven techniques in order to promote its tea

Encouraging Sri Lanka to invest in this sector was another matter
that was jointly discussed, the minister stated.

Jafari?s counterpart also expressed his appreciation for the credit
facilities given to his country by Iran to purchase oil in return.

The finance minister also kept a meeting with his Armenian
counterpart Karen Chshmaritian in the office branch of Iran at the WB
headquarters in another occasion and asked for a joint economic
session in the near future and solving the minor problems standing on
the way of investments by the Iranian companies in Armenia.

He emphasized on mutual assistance for further development in various
economic fields, particularly in transportation sector at the
conclusion of their talk.