| 16:57:07 | 03-10-2005 | Politics |

"Births must be supported by the state, every birth must have financial
support. There are many cases when young people do not want to create
a family because of financial problems", announced NA President Arthur
Baghdasaryan during the discussion of the law on "State Pensions".

Today in the Parliament the pack of social laws was discussed. It was
represented by the Minister of Social Affairs Aghvan Vardanyan. The
oppositional deputies also participated in the discussion. The
secretary of the Justice bloc Viktor Dallakyan offered to raise the
family pensions to the 70% of the minimal consumer basket.

"Not 70, but it will reach 60%", claimed Aghvan Vardanyan. By the
way, there is also a point in the law which deprives the pensioner
of the pension for 6 months in case of finding false information in
the documents. Arthur Baghdasaryan offered to reduce the date to 3
months, but Aghvan Vardanyan said the date has already been reduced
from 1 year to 6 months.

Both the NA President and the Minister of Social Affairs noted
that it is an extremely important discussion. While saying these
words there were only 10 deputies representing the coalition in the
Parliament hall.