| 14:44:38 | 03-10-2005 | Social |

On October 8-9 Yerevan will celebrate its birthday party. By the
Government decision the second Saturday of October has been announced
"The Yerevan Day" instead of the previous Erebouni-Yerevan. "All the
capitals in the world have their birthdays, why mustn't Yerevan have
one? " deputy mayor Arman Sahakyan said.

On October 8 at 10:30 a.m. the Yerevan history museum will be
opened. At 12:00 in all the Yerevan communities events will take
place which will end with fireworks. At midday in the cinema Moscow
the annual photo competition "Yerevan by my Eyes" will initiate.

According to Armen Sahakyan, about 80-100 million ARMD will be spent
on the celebrations. 11 delegations from different country will arrive
in Armenia.

>>From Russia, the delegation of Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov will arrive.

By the way, on October 6 the Moscow days in Yerevan will be
organized. A Gala concert will be organized in which about a hundred
Russian actors and singers will participate