| 15:31:52 | 01-10-2005 | Politics |

Former chairman of the NA permanent commission for foreign affairs
Hovhannes Hovhannisyan, who has held numerous meetings with leaders
of other states, insists that Europeans do not admit complementation

Chairman of the Liberal Progressive Party Hovhannes Hovhannisyan
considers that there was time when complementation was essential
for Armenia, but presently this policy may prove dangerous. "It is
especially dangerous at present, when serious geopolitical changes
are taking place. Such policy would make Armenia more vulnerable."

H. Hovhannisyan considers that Armenia's participation in the
Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) is senseless. He
explains it by the following fact: Kazakhstan, the second major CSTO
members is aspired for presidency in the organization. Armenia is
against it, since Kazakhstan pursues pro-Azerbaijani policy. Azerbaijan
is not CSTO member. Which state will Kazakhstan support if problems

Proceeding from these conclusions the LPP leader says that the CSTO
has lost its actuality and the security system does not exist. He is
convinced that Armenia should take decisive moves towards the NATO,
the organization, which during 50 years has proved capable of solving
all the internal issues.

However in this case there exist some problems as well. There are NATO
members-states which rate oil as a priority factor. "is fifty states
unite and set the rules, no other state can break them. Azerbaijan
has oil. Thus the attitude towards this country will be always
special. We must keep it in mind. What can we offer instead of oil? Our
democracy?" he says.

The RA authorities do not wish to joint the NATO and admit the rules,
since corruption and disorder have no place in the NATO member-states,
H. Hovhannisyan resumed.