| 11:58:53 | 03-10-2005 | Social |

"The nuclear weapon was created by the scientists and only they can
find anti-weapon against it", the head of the Armenian "Center of
principal sciences and technologies" Samvel Apikyan informed "A1+".

In the margins of the NATO program "Science for the Sake of Peace"
today scientists of 16 countries of the world met in the National
Academy of Science. On Samvel Apikyan's initiative till October 5
the scientists will try to represent their experience in the field
of combat against nuclear and radiation terror.

After the end of the event the experience represented by its
participants will be discussed by the Armenian scientists to continue
further cooperation and to make the event annual.

By the way, the RA Defense Minister Serge Sargsyan was also invited
but he did not turn up.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress