Lena Badeyan

| 14:42:49 | 01-10-2005 | Politics |

"Today our republic is like a fireman who tries to blow off fire in
various places simultaneously", political scientist Aghasy Yenokyan
says. According to him, complimentary policy is essential, however
in Armenia it is applied not as a principle or norm but as a mere term.

"Our policy is not complimentary, it can no orbit. First our
policy serves to the foreign policy of Russia, not Armenia,
second we just see a problem and immediately try to solve it. I
mean the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan oil pipeline,
Kars-Akhalkalaki railway, decisions taken against Armenia during
various conferences. Consequently we just react to activities but do
nor act ourselves", the political science says adding however that the
Armenian foreign policy has already achieved certain goals and the RA
cannot be perceived as a weak state. "The Armenian foreign policy has
trumps, these being our geopolitical position and strong Diaspora,"
he says.

According to Aghasy Yenokyan, the Armenian leaders have made mistakes
and the incumbent leadership is not an exception. Diplomacy is the art
of deceit. This the only fact Armenians cannot master so far though
our official are rather keen on deceiving. "They promise to give air
to A1+ but they do not, they say we are close to the Karabakh conflict
settlement but the reality shows it is not so," he notes.

According to his assessments Armenia lacks security system as well,
since Collective Security Treaty signed by several CIS member-countries
is not a security basis but a mere bluff. "Collective security means
that that a threat for one country is a threat for other CSTO member
states. However during the Islamic Conference Tajikistan votes for
a resolution that jeopardized Armenia's security", he resumed.