Financial Mirror, Cyprus
Oct 3 2005

There are 1928 individuals registered in the special voting list of
the Armenian Religious Group, with the right to vote in the by-election
on October 9 for the Armenian Representative at the House.

The number of Armenian voters is 1,218 in Nicosia, 305 in Limassol,
404 in Larnaca and one in Paphos.

Four voting centres will operate, two at the Armenian elementary school
"Narek" in Nicosia for the voters from Nicosia, one at the Larnaca
District Administration for the voters from Larnaca and another at
the Limassol District Administration for the voters from Limassol
and Paphos.

Vahakn Atamyan, Antranig Ashdjian and Parsegh Zartarian are the
candidates for the post.

The new representative will succeed Bedros Kalaydjian, who passed
away on the 1st of September at the age of 71.

The three religious groups -- the Latins, Armenians and Maronites
-- that belong to the Greek Cypriot community, elect a non-voting
representative each to the House, beyond the 56 parliamentary seats
for Greek Cypriots.