Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Sept 29 2006

Azerbaijani graveyard in Saral village of Gugark (Kirovakan) region
of Armenia was restored in the framework of "Trust-building" project
implemented by Vanadzor office of the Helsinki Citizen's Assembly
Armenia Committee.

Helsinki Citizen's Assembly Azerbaijan National Committee told the
APA a ceremony on restoration of the graveyard was held though this
committee with participation of Azerbaijanis on 25-30 August. The
ceremony on 29 August brought together representatives of Armenian
media, region executive power as well as Armenians, who moved from
Azerbaijan and settled in the village in 1998-90s.

The graveyard attacked by Armenians in 1988-90s has been restored,
and a memorial board was placed in the entry of the graveyard.

The board writes the graveyard was restored by the Helsinki Citizen's
Assembly office in Vanadzor in 2006. Headstones have been restored.

Azerbaijani participant of the ceremony prayed for the dead in the