ARMINFO News Agency
October 4, 2006 Wednesday

Armnfo. Today, Armenian Prime Minister Andranik Margaryan stated
in the Parliament that the further aggravation of Russian-Georgian
relations may cause the complete isolation of Armenia.

Markaryan said that he discussed this issue with the US co-chairman
of the OSCE Minsk Group Mathew Bryza and emphasized the creation
of the mechanisms which will help Armenia avoid the results of
further aggravation of Russian- Georgian relations. At the moment
this aggravation has not affected Armenia, particularly, the cargo
transportation. As regards the land transportation to Armenia through
Russia and Georgia, the Prime Minister thinks, this way through
"Upper Lars" customs point closed six months ago. It turns out that
the two states solve their problems on account of Armenia's interests,
Margaryan says. Transportation from Georgia to Armenia is stable
through the ports of Poti and Batumi. Speaking of the possibility
of Armenia to carry out the mission of a mediator between Russia
and Georgia, Margaryan said that there is no suggestion of that kind
from the sides. If we get such an offer we'll discuss it, though the
intermediary mission between Russia and Georgia is already on a high
level, he stated. As to the Armenian citizens detained in Georgia for
intruding the state border of Georgia, Margaryan said this question
is being discussed with Tbilisi. "I have discussed the question
of the Armenian citizens' release with the Georgian Prime Minister
lately and I think he takes a positive view of it", he noted. At the
same time he condemned those citizens of Armenia who, despite the
Armenian government's request to abstain from trips to Abkhazia and
South Osetia, violated the laws of the neighboring country.