Azeri Press Agency, Azerbaijan
Oct 6 2006

Peter Semneby: Azerbaijan and Armenia delay the solution to Garabagh

[ 06 Oct. 2006 15:40 ]

Azerbaijan and Armenia delay the solution of Garabagh conflict,
Peter Semneby, EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus said
in the meeting of European Parliament Foreign Affairs Committee.

Ha said Azerbaijan hopes petrodollars will ensure its economy and
military strength.

"Increase of the number of weapons in the region is a great problem
and causes concern. It means Azerbaijan does not consider the solution
to Nagorno Garabagh conflict actual," he said.

He also said Armenia waits for the solution to Kosovo problem.

"Armenia hopes the reality will play its part," the representative

Mr. Semneby plans to meet with Azerbaijan and Armenia Foreign
ministers. /APA/