Sabah, Turkey
Oct 18 2006

EU Term President Finland's Foreign Minister Toumijoa has stated that
France has done a terrible mistake by approving the law that forbids
denying the so called Armenian genocide and it should withdraw the
law at once."

Erkki Toumijoa has written in his official website that 'countries
should not make laws according to historical facts'. Toumijoa wrote:
"There can be dark pages of the histories of countries or societies.

There might be different responds in such issue, some remain silent,
some apologizes and some deniesthe WW II, Germany's respond sets a
good example however Russian and Japanese nations' responds were "bad
examples". History can never be explained by legal laws. Law makers
should not intervene in these political arguments. Unfortunately
France Parliament did not behave this way on its last week's voting
for the Armenian genocide denial bill. I think France should withdraw
this law immediately. What happened during WW 1 in Turkey is totally
autonomous. Just to put it in records, I must say that the term
"genocide" means some people are over exaggerating what really happened
back at that time."