By Melania Badalian

AZG Armenian Daily

As a result of "Digital Library of Armenian Bibliography" project
launched at the American University of Armenia in 1999, the digital
collection of the Armenian literature of 5th to 18th centuries
was created. This initiative greatly contributed to spreading and
recognition of the Armenian Classical Literature. The readers may
find the digital version of the Armenia literature pieces at www
digitab.am. At present, thanks to the donation of Tourpanjian family
fund, the library launches the digitalization of the Western Armenian
and the Literature of the Armenian Diaspora of 1800-2000.

On October 10-12, the DIGITAB Coordination Scholarly Board held
its first sitting at the AUA. The members of the board, namely
Karo Armenian, Henrik Bakhchinian, Vazgen Gabirielian, Souren
Danielian, Albert Makarian, Albert Sharounian, Haroutiun Gevorgian,
Zhirayr Danielian, Mark Nshanian, Grigor Pltian, Poghos Snapian and
Harutyun Kyourkchian, discussed such issues as, the main principles of
digitalization, the lists of the authors and their works, the working
stages, as well as various issues concerning the copyright principles.

Certainly, the initiative of digitalization of the Western Armenian
and the Literature of the Armenian Diaspora will make these literature
pieces more available for everyone.

We believe that this important initiative would have been more
successfully and professionally implemented, if other Literature
critics from the Armenian Diaspora, such as Yervand Azatian, Oshin
Keshishian and Gevorg Bardakchian from USA, or Karo Abrahamian from
Lebanon and Yuri Khachatrian from Yerevan, were included in the
Digitab Scholarly Board.

From: Emil Lazarian | Ararat NewsPress